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About Us

Physician's Wellness & Weight Loss Center was founded to be the premier medical weight loss center uniquely positioned in the quad state area of Eastern Oklahoma. Our cutting-edge weight loss programs are tailored for those seeking a medically safe non-surgical weight loss option. Because our thorough understanding of the importance of nutrition, fitness, and motivation rather than a fad diet approach. Our program was established to be effective in keeping you motivated and energized while helping you reach and sustain a healthy body weight. Physicians Wellness and Weight Loss Center is a true pioneer in the weight loss field. 

Our programs utilize the best formulas for success with the use of appetite suppressants, vitamin supplements, B-12 injections, and the revolutionary Lipotropic injections.

In an effort to continually seek an increased level of personalized care for our patients we also offer point of care dispensing of our prescribed medications. This translates to time and cost savings as the prescriptions are filled on-site and given directly to the patient.

Our medical providers and highly trained staff at Physician's Wellness & Weight Loss Center are excited to welcome you to our premier weight loss center where our goal is comprehensive health for every patient. We advocate that the basis for health starts with respect for our bodies.

If you are seeking an effective and convenient weight loss program look no further. We enthusiastically anticipate helping you safely and quickly lose weight while becoming the happier, healthier you.

"Obesity is associated with significantly increased risk of more than 20 chronic diseases and health conditions that cause devastating consequences and increased mortality"

                                                                       Stop Obesity Alliance

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